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Caffeinated Superheroes
Lend a Hand!


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Lend a Hand!
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Help support the Caffeinated Superheroes!

What can you do?? Well, you could help by ...
~Downloading the mp3s and forcing your friends to listen to them!
~Dragging your homies to the shows and making them stay the whole time. They are guaranteed to love CSH by the end!
~Flyering when you get the chance.
~Using our snazzy banner (below) all over your profiles and sites to help advertise!
~Shouting out good things about the Caffeinated Superheroes randomly in public places.
... ok, so that last one's a stretch, but you get the point!


Know how to get this banner onto your own sites?? Well, if you don't then just do these smiple things!
-Right Click on the banner and click on Save as Picture
-Save it onto your computer (where ever you desire!)
Now it is on your computer and can be uploaded onto your site or anything when ever you want!

I'm sorry that you had to go. It's not your fault, you didn't know ...