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Ground Breaker

We got hamburgers, we got comedy
We got crabs in pants but that's not me
We got rainbows, flowers, birds and bees
We got rivers, mountains and big trees
We got asteroids, we have many stars
We got peanut butter and jams in jars
We got airplanes, boats and many cars
And if you're lonely, we got bars

Happy, that's the way to be (I said)
Happy, that's the life for me
Happy, that's what I got to do (i said)
Happy, it's fun for me and you

We got Disneyland, we have Mickey mouse
We got a big ol' bear, in a big blue house
We got teletubbies on PBS
We got Herbert Hoover in a dress
We got beaches where we throw parties
We have bad report cards with F's and D's
We got ASB we have marching band
We have everything, well aint life grand?


la la la la la la la la la

(Chorus 2X)