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Mac and Cheese

Every time I try to look at myself in the morning
All I see is a crack in the mirror cuz I'm so homely
All I see is a foreign face
What happened to this boring place, now I'm so lonely
Nothing to live for here, no one to call my one and only

Why Can't I, be like you?
Life is harder than I ever knew
I'm screwed up, Why can't you see
You got to get yourself away from me (away from me)

I'm sorry mom, I'm sorry dad, goodbye for now
Don't blame yourselves, just tell my friends I died in my sleep
I wish things could have worked out for the best
I guess I failed everyone's test to be a hero
All by myself, just starin' at the wall cuz I'm a zero


Now it's my time to say good bye
You know I've never seen you cry
Good bye now, what can I do?
So long now, what's it to you?
You never learned to say good bye


So long now, what can I do
Goodbye now, what's it to you
You never learned to say goodbye...

I'll see you on the other side!