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Remembering the sunsets, as we played on our guitars,
or driving over ditches where we had to walk so far,
putting tires on the streets, and watch the people get so  mad,
or hanging at Moon Park with all the memories we've had.

Because everyone one said would last just one year,
the villains got mad when we played without fear
because everyone wanted to give up before
but people around us just kept wanting more
the people around us...

Whenever we threw beach parties, it didn't feel that long
we would sit around the fire singing all our brand new songs.
Recording at Santa Barbara, stealing ornaments from lawns,
getting kicked out of the movies because we snuck in our friends wrong.

do you remember? All the memories we've shared
do you remember? When no one really cared
do you remember? All the things we used to say
do you remember? When we'd lay around all day
We're gonna swim to the Titanic in the dark...