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The Legend of Soul Glow

In the old town of el paso
times were dark, there was too much crime
the people needed a savior
they all knew there wasn't much time
they first saw him riding his donkey
as his curly hair shined from the sun
they say his name was soul glow
he saw a robber and started to run

so he crapped in his underwear...
so he grabbed another pair...

The man who hated soul glow
knew his weakness it wasn't too hard
those women, those devilish women
he's distracted, he loses his guard
he grew his hair from his women
he styled his hair using lard
but the people still needed a hero
he freaked out and ran really far...

Soul Glow will save the people tonite
before he runs away
and if you see him riding through the night
he might save the day...