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We are so caffeinated
It's not debated, we're constipated
We don't think were over rated
Don't worry folks were not X-rated

Please don't feel obligated
Jaded, aided or outdated
We don't feel like being graded
Because we are so caffeinated

"yes they're, caffeinated, erradicated, manipulated, but never duplicated
you'd be stupidified, to not go for the ride, who lied and said that ska already died
they got nothing inside this style's bonafied it can't be described though many have tried
we got skeemo, ska, skunk, and punk, it's just junk, it's all about the freaking music who woulda thunk
music today is just to impress, how you dressed, why stressed, don't you see how blessed
that we are to have been together this far, do you remember a time when we wished upon a star
we know we've all been through life's trials and turbulations, but for that we saliva and auto copulation
we've been friends since the beginning and through all the ups and downs changed as individual but never our crazy sounds
so put your caffeine in the air and wave it like you just don't care, yo heres my dawg mr. mc j, tell em dawg what you got say"

I live in Anaheim, and I like to drink caffeine
But every time I walk around I don't want to be seen
Because I have a coke, He has a coke
I have a coke, and it's no joke
I like to drink my mountain dew....I have a sprite (pause)